Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Patrick's ANZAC Diary

Monday 17th September

Day 12, 2:32pm 1917

Dear Diary,

Our newly dug trenches have just been breached by the enemy’s heavy artillery. We are currently trying to barricade and reinforce our command post entrances. The enemies are also trying to raid us with their infantry and bombard us with a plethora of mortars. Unfortunately we are losing this war. Our food supplies are decreasing very quickly and more soldiers are getting infected with trench foot.

Wednesday 19th September

Day 14, 1:06am 1917

Dear Diary,

Our Commander has spoken and we are about to do an attack and we have to cross ‘no-man’s-land’, all of us are hoping that we can break through the enemy’s frontline defense. “Attacking in 10 seconds men!” Shouted the commander, I loaded my trusty rifle full with bullets and told myself that it was going to be okay. “Chaarge!” shouted the commander with glory. All of us charged toward the enemy trenches, in them we could see many soldiers firing bullets at us, around me I could see soldiers falling. I quickly stabbed someone in the head and kept running. Just as I was about to stab another person, a soldier hiding in a trench beneath me, slashed his bayonet at my hand and my rifle fell to the ground...

Thursday 20th September

Day 15, 7:36pm 1917

Dear Diary,

I am EXTREMELY lucky to be saved by one of the soldiers, though my hand has been sliced off. It has been bandaged and I can see the blood seeping through it. Fortunately, it was my left hand that had been cut off and I’m right handed, right now I have been called off by our commander and I don’t have to fight (I can’t even hold a rifle.) Hopefully, I’ll be able to see my family once more.

Friday 21st September
Day 16, 4:56pm 1917

Dear Diary,

The tables have turned, we have finally broke through the enemy’s front line defense and raided their command post! All enemy recruits have perished from our howitzers and we are currently making our way back to our home-land and planning to have a massive victory celebration. Many of our troops died but in the end it was every man for himself, I didn’t have the courage to go out
and save the helpless soldiers.

By Patrick

We are going to publish our next piece of writing on Booktrack, here is a short video to watch about it.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Who Dunnit?

Room 7 children came to school on Monday to discover their class had a murder scene taped off in the middle of it.  They had to solve clues to find out what was used to murder the victim and who the class murderer was, lets just say they were caught red handed!

We spent the day solving maths riddles and problems.  We even used our murder scene to inspire some fiction writing.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Ashton's ANZAC Diary

Dear Diary,

I'm dying I don't think I can make it, I can't last much longer, I can't live like this. None of us can live in the trenches, it is unbearably hard, I can't stand it, I can't survive like this!

The general said he's sending in allies and reinforcements. The enemy are closing in on our radar. I'm scared, all of us are but I'll do this for my country. Most of us have taken a run for it. Just yesterday John went into ‘No Mans Land’ to fetch Bob, the silly boy got himself killed. Same with all the rest that dared to run out of this place (at least you are safe in the trences). Sure the trences stink but dying stinks more. I just hope I can get home to see my newborn son, Liam and and my young daughter Lisa and of course my wife Sarah. Well I'm going over the top of the trenches let's just hope I make it “arrrrrrrrrrrr”.

Cathy and Joshua's Presentation

Room 7 got a new television for our presentations, Bailey and Me'a were the first group to use it!

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Me'a and Bailey's Re-use Project