Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Diwalli Celebrations - Thanks Monika

Monika read us a story that taught us all about Diwali

We used powder and a rangoli stencil to make the patterns on this table, Monika added a candle to the centre of their design

We used dyed rice and coloured powder to make rangoli patterns on our tables

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Matthew Y and Joshua - HTML

Cooper and Ethan - Commonwealth Games

Me'a and Stephany - Trends

Gareth - Or should we call him "Ed"

Our Passion Project Presentation - The slideshows

On Monday Room 7 started to present their Passion Projects with the class.  We have lots of demonstrations and practical activities that students have organised.  Shared on here are the presentations that they shared with our class. We have all evaluated each others learning and given feedback and feed forward. I am always impressed with the high standard our students achieve with these presentations.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The Gingerbread Man - Room 5

The Three Little Pigs - Room 5

Goldilocks and The Three Bears - Room 5

Miss Cinderella - Room 5

Literacy Week Rotation

For literacy week all our classes have been rotating to all the senior classes.  In Room 7 I decided to focus on fairy tales.  We learnt that a fairy tales always have an element of magic, characters are often in groups of 3 or 7, there is good vs evil and there will be some form of royalty.

We also learnt about Hans Christian Anderson who is a famous author many popular fairy tales like: The Ugly Duckling and Thumberlina.

Lastly the children chose their own traditional fairy tale and made a movie trailer to promote their story.  The groups had to come up with their own props and make their own basic costumes.  All of this had to be done in two block of learning!

Sunday, 20 August 2017

Joshua's Teach the Teacher - Origami Spinning Top

Joshua set up a live video to demonstrate how to fold an origami spinning top.  The live video onto our big T.V. really helped us to see and understand all the folds, this spinning top was made up of three parts and lots of complicated folding!

Andrew's Teach the Teacher - Supercharging Paper Planes

Andrew showed us a new technique for making paper planes, we all folded our own and then took them outside to see whose plane would fly the longest distance.  We tested them three times, Andrew's technique was one of the best!

Leora's Teach the Teacher - The Alphabet Game

Leora taught our class how to play the Alphabet game, we will add this to our class games we play!  Everyone had to go around in a circle and name something using the letter Leora told us, it was harder than you think!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Jessica taught us some 5 minute crafts

Jessica showed us hoe to make a loom band ball, a great way to use up spare loom bands

Everyone got to make their own piece of coloured Blu Tack, this was very simple and a great idea!

Cathy taught us how to make white bread! Our class smells like a delicious bakery!

This is a breadmaker, it kneads and cooks the bread

YOu need to add yeast to bread, this is what makes it rise

Cathy's list of ingredients

In the breadmaker and ready to go!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Rippa Rugby

Cooper taught our class how to play Rippa Rugby for his Teach the Teacher activity.  He organised our class into 4 teams and we go to play against each other.  Cooper was the Referee, he had to make some tough calls.  We all had lots of fun and loved having a run around!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

mBots - we had some very excited users of the mbot kits

Our class get to timetable 45 minute blocks where they can write code to operate the mBots, they can then test the mBots on the track and then make changes.

Finlay from Room 3 visited and took us for a training session, we got to see the mBot dance!

Thursday, 27 July 2017

My Kids Like Building Huts - Fort Friday

We thought outside the box today and made forts, we had to co-operate, think creatively, manage ourselves, relate to others and contribute.  Best of all we had fun!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Patrick's ANZAC Diary

Monday 17th September

Day 12, 2:32pm 1917

Dear Diary,

Our newly dug trenches have just been breached by the enemy’s heavy artillery. We are currently trying to barricade and reinforce our command post entrances. The enemies are also trying to raid us with their infantry and bombard us with a plethora of mortars. Unfortunately we are losing this war. Our food supplies are decreasing very quickly and more soldiers are getting infected with trench foot.

Wednesday 19th September

Day 14, 1:06am 1917

Dear Diary,

Our Commander has spoken and we are about to do an attack and we have to cross ‘no-man’s-land’, all of us are hoping that we can break through the enemy’s frontline defense. “Attacking in 10 seconds men!” Shouted the commander, I loaded my trusty rifle full with bullets and told myself that it was going to be okay. “Chaarge!” shouted the commander with glory. All of us charged toward the enemy trenches, in them we could see many soldiers firing bullets at us, around me I could see soldiers falling. I quickly stabbed someone in the head and kept running. Just as I was about to stab another person, a soldier hiding in a trench beneath me, slashed his bayonet at my hand and my rifle fell to the ground...

Thursday 20th September

Day 15, 7:36pm 1917

Dear Diary,

I am EXTREMELY lucky to be saved by one of the soldiers, though my hand has been sliced off. It has been bandaged and I can see the blood seeping through it. Fortunately, it was my left hand that had been cut off and I’m right handed, right now I have been called off by our commander and I don’t have to fight (I can’t even hold a rifle.) Hopefully, I’ll be able to see my family once more.

Friday 21st September
Day 16, 4:56pm 1917

Dear Diary,

The tables have turned, we have finally broke through the enemy’s front line defense and raided their command post! All enemy recruits have perished from our howitzers and we are currently making our way back to our home-land and planning to have a massive victory celebration. Many of our troops died but in the end it was every man for himself, I didn’t have the courage to go out
and save the helpless soldiers.

By Patrick

We are going to publish our next piece of writing on Booktrack, here is a short video to watch about it.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Who Dunnit?

Room 7 children came to school on Monday to discover their class had a murder scene taped off in the middle of it.  They had to solve clues to find out what was used to murder the victim and who the class murderer was, lets just say they were caught red handed!

We spent the day solving maths riddles and problems.  We even used our murder scene to inspire some fiction writing.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Ashton's ANZAC Diary

Dear Diary,

I'm dying I don't think I can make it, I can't last much longer, I can't live like this. None of us can live in the trenches, it is unbearably hard, I can't stand it, I can't survive like this!

The general said he's sending in allies and reinforcements. The enemy are closing in on our radar. I'm scared, all of us are but I'll do this for my country. Most of us have taken a run for it. Just yesterday John went into ‘No Mans Land’ to fetch Bob, the silly boy got himself killed. Same with all the rest that dared to run out of this place (at least you are safe in the trences). Sure the trences stink but dying stinks more. I just hope I can get home to see my newborn son, Liam and and my young daughter Lisa and of course my wife Sarah. Well I'm going over the top of the trenches let's just hope I make it “arrrrrrrrrrrr”.

Cathy and Joshua's Presentation

Room 7 got a new television for our presentations, Bailey and Me'a were the first group to use it!

Displaying 20170606_094643.jpg

Me'a and Bailey's Re-use Project

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Patrick and Shreyas' Re-use Inquiry

Xzavier's ANZAC Diary

March 14 1917

Dear Diary,  

As I'm writing this letter as I’m trying to sleep in the trenches. All of the gun fire is keeping me 
awake. The captain has ordered the group to march to 'no man’s land' I was shocked, like a bullet piercing  through my heart. 

December 25 1917

Dear Diary,
I’’m fighting in the trenches in “no man’s land”. I was having a turn on the flamethrower until...I  got shot on my leg. I got shot again in the other leg,
I fainted, I could hear all of the gun fire. I wake up I was glad I was still

July 13  1918

Dear Diary,

I’ve got trench foot and I’ve only got ten cans of food left.  I hope the war ends soon, it going to end all wars.  All of my friends have died from the Gallipo army at least I killed that guy!

November 19 1918

Dear Diary,              

I'm coming back home to England, I can't wait to see my wife Lesa, she is as beautiful as a flower growing to make the grass shine. I’m getting shipped.

November 20 1918

Dear Diary,               

I got home my wife Lesa had a baby called Jack.  By Joe.

Ari and Thomas' Re-use Inquiry

Cooper and Gareth's Re-use Inquiry

Thomas' ANZAC Diary

Dear Diary,

Only 7 days have past and 36 men have died, and there are no more grenades so we started making more out of spare cans! The enemy are also gassing us with this stuff that turns your skin yellow, that would be a horrible death so we hold urine soaked cloths over our faces to stop that happening. I have felt how painful it is to shot in the limbs, it’s just horrible having blood gushing out of your legs and arms. I felt so sorry for the guy next to me that had his head  blown off by a Mosin Nagant, and then a guy got shot in ‘no man’s land’ and survived but then stabbed by a bayonet, another guy James. I ran over to recover the body but it got blown up by artillery.

War is a horrible place, Diary you're my only friend, I might not make it home alive. The other soldiers treat me like a 6 year old because I’m not a hardened man yet. It’s getting very late eight at night I’m pretty sure so I will end this entry here.

Day 23

Dear Diary,

I’ve caught a severe case of trench foot and hepatitis from all the bodies and my trigger finger got shot off, I won't make it any longer, my name is Jhonson Bagette, then BANG! I felt a sharp pain in my chest and head, then everything went black, dead.

*This is being read by Barry Bagotte, Jhonson’s Grandson in a first person point of view.

Amber's ANZAC Diary

31st July 1914

Dear Diary,

My name is James Mcshepard Lukewarm. I am at World War One, according to rumors it is the war to end all wars. I am excited but also afraid. My brother Alex has luckily came to war as well so we can keep each other company. The trenches aren’t that bad, at least not as bad as what I've heard, sure it's a bit muddy and malodorous but nothing else really, living in it is a sinch, it is only early days. Anyway I don't know much about the war. It's only been a few days since we've got here. The commander is calling us so I have to go.

11th October 1914

Dear Diary,

Today I went through my first battle and I didn't like it at all, I always hated seeing people die and I always will. Also my brother, he died in that battle, suddenly water welled up in my eyes, a tear dripped slowly down my cheek like a raindrop in slow motion, leaking down the sky, on a thundering night. My brother died because of me, how he saved me from being stabbed by the enemy, why was I just standing there recklessly, why didn't I dodge or do something, suddenly anger powered over James, not pity anymore.  He clinched his hands into a fist and started to violently punch the dirt that surrounded him, he took a deep breath. Starting to get calmer, II will have to deal with things like this happening, I must not lose temper, only idiots do that!
Yesterday the commander taught us how to use those outrageous artillery weapons, they were quite big and scary looking, so I don't think I want to use It. My mates said it could kill many people in one shot and I have never ever killed anyone in my life.

25th December 1914

Dear Diary,

It's Christmas Day but unfortunately the only present I'll get is sadness. Oh ya forget about what I said that the trenches isn't a bad place, I was only in the first few days of war and I didn't mean it, the trenches stink and most of the people here caught trench foot but I didn't since I always wore my boots that I made with extra thick socks.

25th April 1915

Dear Diary

We are heading to the Gallipolis for a sneak attack this is going to be good, the commander said after this we are free to go home, I am so excited to see my mum and dad. We arrived at our destination but something was bugging me, wait why is this place so rocky and worst of all our enemies have the high ground advantage on the hills. I turned to look at the commander, probably overwhelmed with both disappointment and fear. I went to speak to him but he ignored me, then he said with a strong and dramatic voice “attack”. We all ran up the hill screaming, but the Gallipolis shot us. One by one, like cats chasing mice except there were no holes in walls to hide in.  Suddenly a bullet shot through me, my mind went blank, my heart stopped beating and there in the sun I lay as still as a sculpture and as silent as a piece of dust falling lifeless to the ground.  

Monday, 29 May 2017

Room 7 have been learning to up-cycle, tomorrow our presentations begin!

Water Suspension - Try at Home!

Cooper's ANZAC Diary

Dear Diary

April 26 1915

It is freezing,brutal and tough. I am on the western front of Gallipoli  fighting to stay alive. The trenches are absolutely atrocious  with rats, flies and other bugs nibbling off our scraps. It reeks of poo and wee in the trenches. Hearing gunshots and artillery hitting sandbags at the top of the trenches and also hearing men yelling and screaming and running for their lives as the enemy is closing in on our top secret location it  gives me shivers up my spine.

April 30 1915

My Best mate Jack just went to “no man’s land” but I think he must have gotten ambushed by the enemies. I am devastated that I may have lost Jack. I haven’t seen my family in ages and days are getting longer and longer and they are just getting more boringer.  April 31 1915. It is thrilling to hear that the General and Commander have come to the decision to find my best mate Jack. Myself and 10 other soldiers are off to locate wherever Jack could be. It feels like we have been searching for almost eternity, my heart is racing thinking about if Jack is alive or not. We have officially located Jack.

May 2 1915

We have just been camping outside the enemies base for the last few days thinking of ways how we could retrieve Jack. I think I had the guts to go and save my best friend. We were spotted and they were coming after us like bees to a honey pot, we dodged a few bullets back there.

May 4 1915

I have just received freshly baked ANZAC biscuits  and  a handwritten letter from my wife and kids.   May 8 1915 My mate has officially died on May 5 1915 and I am horrified that there is a possibility that I could be next?

By Cooper

Monday, 10 April 2017

Me'a's Teach the Teacher

Me’a’s Teach the Teacher

On the 10th of April 2017, Me’a taught the class how to make gloop that hardens when you move it and liquidises when it is still, she also showed us how to make moon sand!

The ingredients for the gloop are: food colouring, 2 cups of corn flour and 1 cup of cold water.

First she poured 2 cups of cornflour into a big bowl. Then she added food colouring that she mixed with water into the bowl. The gloop was finished!

Me’a also told us how to make moon sand\cloud dough, that is not expensive at all. She told the class that you can make shapes out of them. The ingredients are baby oil and flour.
First she poured 8 cups of flour into a bowl. Then she added 1 cup of baby oil and mixed it together. She also handed out the moon sand to the class, we all got to take a cup home to play with. Me'a was very well organised with containers and bowls, she even had cups with gladwrap so we could transport our moon sand home safely. Me'a donated some more of the moon sand to her buddy class in the juniors, we knew how much they would love playing with it.

We all loved Me’a’s teach the teacher, I wish we could do it everyday.IMG_0396.JPG

We got to go outside and play with the goop

Written by Leora and Ethan
Edited by Cathy

Gareth's Teach the Teacher

Gareth’s Teach the Teacher

On the 10th April 2017 Gareth showed us how to make flash slime.
It is very wobbly, but fun to play with. He organised all the ingredients and practiced how to make it on the weekend with his cousins.

What you will need:

  • Shaving cream
  • Borax+water- slime activator
  • Warm water
  • PVA glue
  • Food colouring
  • Bowl + spoon
  • Hand lotion
First pour 1 teaspoon of borax into your cup of water. Stir it up until the borax has dissolved. Then then put some glue into the bowl add some shaving cream. Then put your food colouring into your glue and shaving cream now start mixing (food colouring is optional). Now you can add in your hand lotion then add in your slime.Next add warm water and borax into a bowl and stir well for 3 minutes to activate the slime. Activation it is very important that you add in little by little every time then you have to mix it together. Then play with it but make sure it is not sticky if it is then pour 1 teaspoon of slime activator. If you had to add more slime activator try again. If it does feel like rubber then put a bit of lotion into your hand.Now the slime will be ready.

We all enjoyed Gareth’s amazing teach the teacher project, he went through all the steps and pointed out important instructions and handy tips. We could all could watch it again, we all loved his project and how we could interact with making it, the slime was very soft and fluffy.

Report by Ethan and Leora

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Painting our Letters for Enviro Week

We worked with Room 6 to paint our letters that will spell out Sunnyhills School on the back fence