Learning Links

Sunshine Online
Aesop's Fables
Reading Aquarium
Roy the Zebra - Early
Light up your brain
Stories To Grow By
Tumble Books
Storyline Online
Read to Me
Into The Book
School Journal Listening Post
Radio NZ Storytime Treasure Chest
Into The Book - comprehension strategies

Dance Mat Typing
Sense-lang Typing Lessons
Learn Tough Typing

Basic Facts testing
Number Activities - in Stages 1-4 and 5-8
Maths Games - maths bingo & hidden pictures
Maths Mix - place value activities
Maths Lessons - short videos showing strategies
Area & Perimeter - an introduction
Multiplication - games to help learn time tables
Maths Magic - activities to help learn basic facts
Telling Time - activities to help with reading the time
Tug Boat Addition
Word Problems
Who Wants to Be a Mathionaire
Study Jam
Hundreds Board
Grand Slam Maths
Fifteens from Teacher Tools
Flashcards x÷+- Teacher Tools

Science Bob - interesting science experiments
Stu Duval - cartooning and drawing
Letter Sounds - the sounds that the letters make
Fun Brain - reading, maths and other fun activities
National Geographic for Kids
Library Skills - A range of library skills activities
Dewey Decimal System - Learn about the Dewey Decimal System in the Library
Free Rice
Hector's World Learn how to play safe on the internet
Planets For Kids - all about our solar system
Learn About Simple Machines
Enchanted Learning - information and activities
Star Child - a learning centre for young astronomers

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