Monday, 27 November 2017

Technology Challenge - Design a Bun that is Fun!

WALT: design a bun that could be sold at Bakers Delight, take a basic recipe and get creative

In groups children took the plain old bun and came up with an idea that they thought could sell at Bakers Delight.  They brainstormed ideas and then checked on their website that it was an original concept.  I provided them with the ingredients and recipe for a plain bun, they worked out what each member of their group needed to bring and wrote their plan onto a google doc.  Lastly we created these amazing buns.  We had to weigh and measure all of our ingredients and learnt about activating yeast.  Room 7 thought today's learning was scrumdiddlyumptious.

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Jessica's Autobiography

My Autobiography

That year on mother's day Jessica Sayers mother was in for a great surprise.

Little Angel
It was the 13th of may 2006 on a sunday Jessica was born a beautiful baby and her mother was so happy with how she turned out. She was a perfect angel, at least that’s what she thought her parents said otherwise. Her mum’s name is Carlene and her dad’s name is Jason she also has an older brother named Jacob. She Had three cats but one died from old age; their names are Hershey, Pepsi and Cola.

The Accident
When Jessica started daycare she was still quite little
But after being there for a while she found a best friend his name was Jojo he was kind and fun to play with and he was especially good at dressup. When Jessica was three she liked to play in the sand pit a lot but one day she decided to go for a bit of a wonder with her friend Jojo around the back of the sand pit and around one of the buildings when she was on her way around she tripped over and split her lip open on
the corner of something sharp.

The Move
When Jessica was four nearly five her family decided to move to Farm Cove where she went to sunnyhills primary Jacob had to start there too. Jacob went  straight to year three with all the other kids his age but Jessica started in year zero. Jessica met her first two friends on her first day there names were Kaitlin Spindler and Gabby who had the same last name as Jessica, Sayer.  From then on they were best friends. Jessica found a couple of hobbies in the next few years like singing were she won her school X-factor and drama with Her good friend Kaitlin.  

Last Year

Jessica was finally year six and her brother started college. This year she was in room seven and this was the best year so far because she had the greatest teacher Mrs Fowler and the best friends Stephany, Bailey, MeĆ” and Sophie. Sophie was in the room next door room six but she was still a good friend to Jessica. This year was finally the year where she got to go to year six camp and she had a blast. At Lakewood Lodge where they had year six camp they worked on team building and survival they also had great food and went on the mud run. Jessica started netball for Mellons Bay this year and she even got the opportunity to be apart of a netball talent academy with her friend Bailey.

It’s soon going to be the end of the year and Jessica will be going to Farm Cove Intermediate but it’s not the end yet Jessica and her family have still got a big life ahead of them there will be challenges in life and there will be easy things in life so wish them luck on their journey till then.

  By Jessica Sayer

Joshua's Autobiography

Joshua - Autobiography

Joshua Lo was born on the 13th of August 2006 in Auckland, New Zealand.

He lives with his Mother called Masumi, Father called Billy and two sisters Jasmine and Alyssa. His Mother is from Japan and his Father was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Singapore.

At the age of 3 Joshua was able to read Japanese picture books. Since then Joshua has loved reading books in both Japanese and English. Joshua also loved puzzles and often played with them at kindergarten, he still loves puzzles now

His hobbies are: solving the Rubik’s cube (Cubing), playing the piano and folding origami. He also has been practising riding his unicycle. He is good at maths (He was recently in mathex a maths competition). He goes to badminton club on Wednesday and piano lessons on Saturday. He also knows html, a programing language.

Joshua’s three main friends are Cathy, Amber and Jesse. Cathy and Amber go to Sunnyhills School with him. Jesse used to be a Sunnyhills School student until year 3 and now he goes to Pigeon Mountain Primary School. (Jesse was also in Mathex). Joshua’s origami buddy is Patrick.

In the future Joshua would like to be a doctor.           

Cooper's Autobiography

Cooper’s Autobiography

On the 16 March, 2007 Cooper was in the world.  As a toddler he was a bit of a trouble maker. He never went to sleep, a always making a massive mess for his parents, Careen (Mum) and Jason (Dad). He was a very curious little boy.  Every week on a Wednesday his Nana would take him for a walk around, St Heliers. Cooper’s, Nana was always a bit naughty giving him an ice cream to lick on the way back coming back to the house when his parents had specifically Coopers nana not to give him and lollies or Ice cream at all . Cooper would always cry on his Wednesday naps as the lawnmower man came to mow the lawns.

At the age of two Cooper had found a passion for rugby he loved it, every night begging and asking his Dad to come out and teach him some skills and how to play.  At the age of  four Cooper was playing Rippa Rugby down at College Rifles Rugby club every Friday night. The first few weeks of Playing rippa Cooper was sort of away with the ferries  standing at the back and not really getting involved. It wasn't until he got his first touch of the ball in about his sixth week and then  he was like dynamite looking for the ball scoring a heap of try’s.

On the 20th August 2010 Cooper had a brother Aston. Cooper would cry every night as his Mum wasn't there on his side to kiss him goodnight. Then on the 26 August 2010 his Dad picked up from daycare and said there is a surprise for you when you get home. He kept on guessing different things but none of them was the correct answer. He got home and he had a massive smile on his face when he walked through the front door as his Mum was sitting on the couch with his new  baby brother.

Cooper  went to Natural Steps Daycare and really enjoyed it except nap time, as his friends, Karston and Spencer got to go and play and he didn't, in the end Cooper got to go out and play with his friends as the teachers had enough.  Later on in 2010, Cooper and his family moved from St heliers to Sunnyhills. When Cooper's family  started renovating in early 2011, Cooper loved to help, but he was getting to be a bit of pain getting up to good no good and getting in the way, in the end he got a shovel in the eyebrow as his dad didn't see him in the garden right behind him. The 2011 rugby was in NZ and Cooper was sharing news every week the all blacks played . When the quarterfinals of the world cup Cooper wished that he could go but little did he know that his parents had surprised him and got him and his Dad tickets to the All Black, Argentina game. He came back home chanting  “All blacks, All blacks, All blacks”.

Cooper had soon turned five and at to leave Natural Steps Daycare , He went to Sunnyhills Primary School and loved every day of school with two of his two best buddies, Cooper S and Brayden.  Every Wednesday he used to go to athletics and cried every time he was about to race as he couldn't see his parents .

In 2015, Cooper won a competition to go and have a kids people's press conference down in Christchurch to interview  Dan Carter, Jerome Kaino and Nepo Laulala. His favourite part of the interview was where he asked Nepo Laulala who would you prefer Kate Upton or Taylor Swift, Nepo replied, Taylor Upton. Nepo sat there and looked surprised while Dan Carter and Jerome Kaino were laughing there heads off. After the interview had taken place air nz put on a very nice lunch and Cooper and his Dad got to sit down with the All Blacks and have a chat to them.

Cooper had turned 10 and was in his final year of primary school. He had the time of his life with some of his best mates, Ethan and Gareth, they were always having a laugh but always getting there work done at the same time. Ethan was going to Farm Cove intermediate and Gareth was going to Bucklands Beach Intermediate and Cooper was going to Sacred Heart Intermediate. Cooper, Gareth and Ethan were very sad to leave each other.  

Cooper went over to Sydney , Australia in 2017 to go and play rep rugby, he had the
most amazing time. He stayed at the Ymca in Sydney in between games. Coopers  team played 3 games over in Australia they won all 3 of them. On the night of when the games were played his team would stay at the oppositions houses. On Cooper's last day in Sydney they went to the Taronga Zoo before they departed. Cooper and his team performed a Haka at the airport before they jumped on the plane and there Club song. Cooper arrived back in NZ at 1:30 am. he was so excited to see his Mum and Dad waiting at the arrivals to come and collect him. Before he left the airport he asked his Mum if he could have a cheeseburger she said  to him  “do you really want a cheeseburger at this time of the morning?”  he said  “Yup”.

Cooper admires Dan Carter and wants to become and All Black and play First - Five - eight;  which is Dan Caters position. Every night Cooper is in his backyard practising his kicking and ball skills,  so maybe one day it might pay off so he could become an All Black.

Ethan's Autobiography

Autobiography - EthanImage result for fencibles 11 grade babakImage result for fencibles 11 grade babak

Ethan was born on the 8th of May 2006. His Mum was Laura and his dad was Jonathan. Ethan was always a naughty baby and would not go to sleep without his mum by his side. Ethan was always curious. Especially with all the building going on outside. Ethan had found a passion for football at two years old from his dad. Ethan had been going to preschool three days a week while his mum studied for her masters degree at auckland university. Ethan disliked it.

Two months before he turned three his brother Jacob was born. Jacob became a  bit of a troublesome brother and when he was two he drilled thirteen holes in the wall. At four years old he started playing Football. He didn't enjoy his first match but soon found a passion for the sport. Ethan soon turned five and started school. His teacher was Mrs Mairs. His best friend was Logan. They had made great friends and were best friends for years.

Ethan did not like school for the first year and especially going to after school care three days a week. Ethan soon turned six in year one and he was in room twelve with Mrs Klee. He was with his best friend Logan. Half way through the year Mrs Klees husband died and Mrs Divers took over.

In year two Ethan was still playing football and he was one of the best for his age getting into the Top premier team. Ethan could not give up playing football and did anything to keep playing.  He was always a helpful boy when he wanted to be.

When Ethan was year five he went to Nationals Football tournament in Kumeu. Ethan's team drew their first match and won every other game even the final!. And efive experience as year 5b camp in Piha and they came back to school for a sleepover. Ethan’s year five  friends were Finn, Jack, Nick, Franklin and Chris. Most of Ethan's friends were year six and sadly had to say goodbye.

Ethan soon was a year six student and was privileged to become a school leader. Ethan had so many good times and became friends with Gareth and Cooper; Ethan had known them since he was two years old. Ethan also went on year six camp and was down there for five days. Down there he did lots of outdoor events including kayaking, ziplining, team activities, Burma trail, archery, horse riding and survival. Now Ethan is eleven and can’t wait until he graduates and goes to intermediate. Ethan is looking forward to life ahead.

Mia's Autobiography


Mia is a bright, happy and creative nine year old who loves playing video games and spending time with her family. She has a passion for golf, cricket, fnaf, crash bandicoot, dance, guitar , swimming and homework. Born on the 25th January 2008, Auckland New Zealand.  

When Mia was about four years old she loved running around and loved going on long walks. She also liked sneaking chocolate chips at night into her room and eating them. One time she put them under her pillow and fell asleep and in the morning when Mia’s mum came to make her bed she found them under the pillow. Also when Mia was four she discovered that she was color blind.

Then Mia turned five she had a big birthday party and her nanny’s house and there was a huge water slide that she use to go down. Then came the frustrating part of her birthday, saying a big speech in front of everyone at her birthday party and there were a lot of people.S he was so pint-sized at the time Mia had to stand on a huge chair. When Mia had done her big mission of saying my speech Mia tried to sit down on my seat as fast as she could but then her Uncle lifted Mia back up, Mia’s Uncle was saying all this stuff about how amazing my speech was.

After that Mia started school she always use to love this thing they used to do in class when the teacher would spray some shaving foam onto the table and we use to spread it out onto the table and write letters in it so that was our handwriting in the junior school. Then came year teo and guess what in year two  Mia still loved handwriting but she also liked maths and reading. When Mia was in year three she started guitar and she enjoyed it she also started dance at expression dance. She did jazz in her dance club.

Now when Mia was three she met Josh. They could not really communicate at the age of three but they still got along. When they were in kindy together they would always play and we always use to climb the same tree everyday and always get stuck in it. The reason we did that everyday was because they were very shy and did not really like anyone else. Then came school Mia and Josh were glad to to find out that they were in school together. Mia and Josh has been in the same class every year except year four. Right now they are in yea rfive. They like to do the same things and they have a sleepover every Friday but sometimes they can't because one of them might need to do something.

Now more about Mia’s family. Mia has four brothers and sisters; Harper, Faith, Asly and Trent. There is my mum and dad
(Aaron and Hazel). My baby sister Harper is the youngest and the cutest one in my family.
        Mia’s Family

Mia loves going on bike rides and likes going to the beach with her dad. She does not really see her dad really much because he is working a lot. Mia and her dad sometimes come to Sunnyhills and practise some cricket in the weekends.Mia also dose boxing at her grandpa's boxing club. Mia’s dad is really good at maths so he teaches her pythagoras on his days off. She is spanish, maori , German and Irish.

This is the conclusion to Mia’s autobiography an exciting future is ahead of her.

Cathy's Autobiography

Cathy’s Autobiograph

Cathy Lee Kang was born on December the 31, 2006, near Middlemore hospital. She is a left-handed person. The doctor said she should have been born on January 2007 but the doctor was wrong so that night it was very hectic. Her father was the boss of a company called Trusty Painting Ltd. Her mother was called May and he has an older brother called Kerry. Currently her hobbies are reading, playing with animals and she is learning to play the piano.

At a young age, she moved to a house in Glen Innes. There she started her education at Montessori Kindergarten.  At the age of five she went to Saint Heliers School. Her first teacher was called Kathy Preston! She got awarded an Award of Excellence in her first term in March and left school at the end of April to live in Pakuranga where she started going to Sunnyhills School. When she was year 3 she met Joshua Lo,Jesse Zhang and Phoebe Yang. They started chatting together. Jessie moved school a year later but Joshua, Phoebe and Cathy remained as friends in year 4. In 2016, she met Amber Ho and they became good friends. In year six Cathy went to Lakewood Lodge for a school camp. She enjoyed going on the flying fox!

Cathy has a long history to do with pets. She had five goldfish but sadly they all died in 2012 because of a fin disease. In 2016 she got 2 chickens named Torchick and Fluffy. (Kerry and Cathy named them.) It was a wonderful moment when the Kang household discovered eggs in the chicken’s pen 2 months later! Today the Kang family has unlimited free-range eggs. They are planning to get a Golden Labrador puppy.

Cathy’s Chickens.

In 2017, Cathy signed up for a performance called the Gang show. She went to a rehearsal every Sunday for 6 hours and performed 10 times on stage! There were about 80 people in the cast.
The opening in the Gang Show.

Cathy has quite a bit of luck in her. She has won 2 spot prizes in her lifetime.(11 years so far!) In 2017, after she had done a presentation on luck, she walked home from school and found a four-leafed clover!
The first four-leafed clover Cathy found.

Today, her main goal in life is to go to intermediate and get a scholarship to a good college and try to get more scholarships for university so she can get a good job. She is looking forward to start intermediate!

Isabella's Autobiography

Isabella Hawkins

Isabella Mary Hawkins was born June the 12th, 2007. Her birthstone is a pearl.

Isabella is very interested in playing netball, horse riding, going to the beach,  swimming, with her family on a boat, playing with her friends and she also loves to go camping with her friends and family.

Isabella’s family members are her dad Royce, mum Stephanie, older brother Connor, older sister Laiken, other older sister Brittany and younger brother Oliver. Isabella also has 3 younger cousins. Her oldest cousin is called Lucia, she lives in Auckland. Her other cousin is called Fergus and his younger brother is called Cody, they live in Dunedin. Lucia is four years old, Fergus is two years old and Cody is three months old.

Isabella has three pets; these are Skidd the cat, Elmo the rabbit and six fish she is also begging and begging for a horse. Isabella lives in New Zealand, and her favourite animal is a horse.

What Isabella wants to be when she grows up;
Isabella wants to be a horse rider, sailor, teacher,Silver Fern, swimmer, author and also wants to be on the Block N.Z.

Isabella is still in primary school and loves to read books including Pony Club Secrets by Stacy Gregg, The BFG by Roald Dahl along with lots of other amazing books by many other authors. Isabella likes to go to the movies with her family and her favourite movie that she has seen is Captain Underpants. Isabella enjoys watching The Jungle Book along with many other movies.

Isabella likes to play with her friends and with her family. One of Isabella’s favourite things to do is to go on an aeroplane to visit her cousins, Grandparents and Aunt and Uncle in Dunedin. When Isabella went on a holiday to Dunedin she was lucky enough to visit the Cadbury Chocolate Factory, visit Larnach castle and the Moraki boulders.

In conclusion Isabella loves to spend time with her family in Dunedin and Auckland. She enjoys reading lots of different books and also likes to go to the cinema. Isabella loves to be around her family, she loves the outdoors, especially to go horse riding, swimming at the beach, sailing with her friends, and to play netball.

Me'a's Autobiography

Me'a Venue.JPGMe'a Robe 2.JPG

The Autobiography About                 

Early Life                                                                                               
It all started for Me’a on the 12th of July 2007 she lived with  her Mum, Dad  and her little brother Jacob  and Shane’s parents in a two story house.

In year three Me’a played netball with Mrs Morris at her before school practice with her cousin Bailey she kept playing until she got to year five where she tried out for the interschool netball team and so did her other friends Bailey and Jess they all made it into the B team and played against different schools.

Later on Me’a signed up to be a peer mediator, wet day monitor and a School leader. She got in for two and shortlisted for school leader and had to do a speech in front of the senior school. Me’a had to go first she was so nervous but the speech only had to be a minute so she wasn’t as nervous. A few days later all the people that did the speech were called to the staff room to find out who was going to become a school leader… she made it in, she was so happy.


On the 25th of January it was Me’a’s first day of being a year six she just found out she got into the best class ( room 7 ) with the best teacher Mrs Fowler. Me’a loved Room 7 she had a new friend named Stephany she was very creative and amazing at drawing and was always there for some to help, she a tried her best at everything she did . Me’a also meet two year fives named Shavaun and Rebekah they were very nice and helpful.

Shavaun's Autobiography

The History Of Shavaun Harvey

Shavaun Harvey is a young drag racer and a gymnast.

Young age pre-schooler

Miss Shavaun Grace Harvey was  born on the Fourth of February 2008 being the first child wasn’t easy for the parents. But of course they were expecting it. Shavaun’s first christmas was a hit!  The year went fast and by her first birthday her whole family came in for her first birthday party it was a pink princess party. In 2012 her little bro Carlos Rodney Harvey was born. Which made even harder for the parents: Mrs Natalie Harvey & Mr Rodney Harvey.


Mr Rod Harvey was a Famous drag racer in his rayglass toyota celica. By the time she was five she was sent off to Sunnyhills primary school her first year was awesome, because she made friends fast and her teacher was awesome. At end of year 1 she was selected to go in Mrs Turner’s class but out of nowhere she fell pregnant and she left when the baby was ready the Baby was revealed the name was Baby… Jake. That left all of them with Miss Kate Ramsey. By the time she was 7 she was in a junior dragster.

In year three shavaun had the lovely Mrs Morris along with her bestie Bex her real name was … Miss Rebekah Jade Armstrong. It was during  year  three  she was gifted the junior dragster which was her life. When she did her first race meeting she was in a banana car such as a plan dark yellow car. Her first run was slow and it ended in the 20 sec which is so slow.

In year four she had Mr Tucker with her bestie Bex and she was bought a brand new race car from New York in America what a awesome year that was. She was selected to go in the maths group with Mrs Madden.
Year 5

2017 was awesome because she had the best teacher ever Mrs Fowler that’s what they called her. The year was successful and near the end she got to bring her junior dragster in to school and she was pulled out because she got selected to be a year six school leader for 2018.

The end   

Amber's Autobiography

Amber Ho - Autobiography

Amber Ho was born on July 18th, 2006. She was born in  Auckland hospital  in Auckland, New Zealand. Her mother is called Amy and father is called Alvin. When she was three she went to kindergarten in China for half a year then in New Zealand She went to kindergarten at Kindercare.  This started her first step of learning. When she was five she went to Sunnyhills School, unlike other kids first days crying that their parents are leaving she didn’t.  She met Fiona and Patrick and Joshua in year zero and had a very nice teacher.

When she turned the young age of six her parents decided to go to China school to educate her for two years. School in China compared to the school here was completely different. The the school Amber went to have a school uniform but students could chose to wear it or not. The school starts at eight am. and ends at eight pm. the classrooms all have a tight schedule allowing only ten minute breaks after forty five minutes of class. There were exams there as well, one exam and one test exam which includes English Chinese and Mathematics and marks out of one hundred.  There she had good times and bad times but she really didn’t make any friends and wanted to leave as soon as possible.  She also went to many places in China and had exciting experiences.

When she was back in New Zealand in year three she found it hard to speak to anyone so she sat all alone on the benches but she found another girl and she spoke Chinese so they played together but she sadly left at the end of the year.

But in year four she met another friend and also learned how to speak fluent english. In year five she met two new friends Cathy and Phoebe and also the old friend from before Joshua. In year six she still remained friends with Cathy and Joshua but Phoebe went to year seven where Amber will be next year.

She is currently still a year six and nearly a year seven.

Thomas' Autobiography

Thomas Fogden

Thomas Fogden was born on 29/6/07 growing up as an only child. He lived in three different houses. He lives most of his life with his mother because of his parents getting a divorce when he was six, he now lives  one week with his father and another with his mother. He has no siblings.

Thomas’ hobbies consist of: gaming, airsofting, nerfing, and paintballing. He doesn’t play any sports but is interested in soccer and hockey. The video games he enjoys are: fortnite, TF2, Rust, payday, medieval engineers, space engineers, goat simulator, and scrap mechanic. He owns 4 devices that are: asus republic of gamers 1080p graphics card and intel hard drive, an acer chromebook, an Xbox 1, and an Xbox 360.

Thomas’ mother Debbie Sirett, works in Carpet land and his father Andrew Fogden, owns and created Fogdog beer batter. His cousins are Phoebe Sirett, Courtney Carter, and Harry Carter.  He has a step mother Ayesha Singh and a step father Mat Bowman. He also has a cat Stumpy and two dogs Blot and Rum.

↑Fogdog logo

Image result for openside
↑openside with harry to the far left
↑Carpetland logo

When Thomas was three; he went to Whiteacres Kindergarten where he met his first, and best, friend, Isala, there was also an autistic kid that would bite everyone. After he turned five he went to Sunnyhills School with his current gang of friends; Ashton, Isala, Ari, Andrew, Washington and Matthew. In two years time he will be going to Farm Cove Intermediate and next Pakuranga College.

Thomas’ dream job is to Work at NASA or a sewing company.

Dominique's Autobiography

Autobiography - Dominique Wiper
Dominique was born in South Africa in 2007 on June 15.  She moved to New Zealand at the age of 8.

Dominique went to school in Fun Ribic Park in South Africa for 5 years and then went to Sunnyhills School, New Zealand for 3 years.

Dominique loved art and wanted to work with her best friend Leora selling cakes. She wanted to travel the world with Leora selling her and Leora's designer sponge cakes.

Dominique likes to bake with her mum and sister.

She has a mum, dad, nana and an identical twin sister. She loves her family and friends.

Her favourite subject at school is art. If art didn't work out for her she wants to bake cake’s.  She loves baking with her friend Leora.

Dominique’s  favorite animal is a hippo.

Image result for hippo

Stephany's Autobiography

Stephany in 2016
Stephany’s Autobiography
Early life
Stephany Peng was born on August 14, 2006, in New Zealand. She spent the first few months of her life, in a house near one tree hill with a kitchen that was very large. Later, when she was only a few months older than 1 year, she traveled to China to visit her relatives. She stayed with her auntie, uncle and cousin for a few months.

Stephany lives with her mum, dad, and her sister, Mandy. Mandy was born in 2002, 4 years before Stephany. Her family had a lot of goldfish, and when Stephany was 8, she and her sister adopted 2 Rabbits, Oreo and Clay. Their bunnies lived for quite few years, before they died of an illness.
Early Schooling
When she went back to New Zealand, she and her family moved to a new house which was a lot closer to the schools she was going to go to. Her parent decided to take her to Pigeon Mountain kindergarten. She liked it there a lot.

Later on
When she was 5 years old, and in new Zealand again, Stephany stared year 0 at Sunnyhills Primary school. There, she met her first friend, Bianca. Bianca was given the job of looking after Stephany, and they became good friends. In year 5, Mr Mac was Stephany’s teacher. She went to year 5 camp. They went to Piha, and then came back to school for a hall sleepover. In year 6, Mrs Fowler was her teacher, and Stephany went to Lakewood lodge. Amber, Cathy, Ryan, Declan C, Gareth, Nathaniel, and Na’eemah were in her camp group. She had a lot of fun there with her friends. That year, she met Bailey, which she became very good friends with.
Stephany at Lakewood LodgešŸ Ÿ
Kids for Kids ChoiršŸ 
Also, Stephany attended the Kids for Kids 2017 Choir, with Jackie Clarke and Nathan King.

Stephany had many hobbies when she was little. When she was very young, she started gymnastics. After she did that for while, She stopped and started ballet. When she turned 7, she decided that she didn't want to do that anymore, so she stopped. Then, she started drama. She still does dama, every Friday. When she grows up, Stephany wants to be a part time teacher. In 2017, she started swimming, and went to Interschool for her school at Lloyd Elsmore.

Stephany’s favorite memories with her family was in 2017, when they went to Paihia and the Bay of Islands. She liked it because the Hotel they stayed at had Rabbits and bunnies running around in the grass. They also went on the Hole in the Rock cruise.
Hole in the rock cruisešŸ                 Stephany at the Giant Sand DunesšŸ 