Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Shreyas' Autobiography

Autobiography of : Shreyas Nagpal

Shreyas Nagpal was born on 19th June, 2006 in Otahuhu, New Zealand. His mum’s name is Monika, and his dad’s name is Sandeep. He stayed in Otahuhu in his first home for a couple months, then he moved to New Plymouth. That’s where he stayed for about 6 years, He went to St Pius school for year 0, and during the Christmas holiday after his first year, he moved to Auckland. He first got a house near Botany Primary School. That was where he met his friends Enrique and Anay. Around the same time, his little brother, Aayush, was born.

At the end of year 1, He moved near Pakuranga, and went to Sunnyhills School for the rest of his primary years. His friend Anay also moved to Sunnyhills, but Enrique stayed at Botany Downs. For 3 years, he stayed at our house down the Meadway, Pakuranga, but then, bought a house a bit further away, on Cascades Rd. Now, he’s finished year 6, and his brother is in year 3. Shreyas’ hobbies include; Gaming, Playing with Lego, making Youtube videos, and collecting Pokemon cards. He plays 1 sport: Tennis. When he grows up, He wants to become a Biomedical Scientist.

                                                    His current home ^

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Bailey's Autobiography

Auto-biography on Bailey Holmes
Bailey on her parents wedding day (2017 22 August)

Bailey Jade Holmes was born on the second of October 2006 in Pakuranga, Auckland. She has one little brother called Max, a mum called Sarah and a Dad called Chris. She also has a cat called Molly.. Bailey loves Netball, dance, her friends and playing with her cat Molly.
One of Baileys favourite memories with her family is when they all explored the South Island of New Zealand in their caravan. Her favourite place was Dunedin and Christchurch. While they were down there they went on the Shotover Jet in Queenstown.

⬆Bailey and her family on the shotover jet⬆

Bailey grew up with her cousin Me’a Bankier. They became very good friends and are still good friends now. Bailey started Pakuranga Kindergarten at three and became friends with a couple of girls - Abby, Kyla and Emma. They had the best time together. Soon she turned five and had to leave. She started at Pakuranga Heights School with Abby and Kyla and not long after she met another friend, Sophie. Barden. Sophie has been a very good friend to Bailey and they are still best friends now. When Bailey finished year two she moved schools and started going to Sunnyhills Primary. Guess who was in her first class… Me’a! Bailey had such a fantastic time at Sunnyhills and one of her favourite times was in Year Six when Mrs Fowler was her teacher. She went to Year Six camp at Lakewood Lodge.. She had the best experiences alongside her amazing friends - Stephany, Me’a, Sophie, Jessica and many more. She will never forget any of those awesome memories.

⬅Bailey at Lakewood Lodge Camp.

Bailey likes to dance. She goes to Neverland Dance studio and before that went to Dance Xpress. At Dance Xpress she won her very first real trophy, The Roman award. The Roman award is for never giving up and always trying your best. The Roman award was named after the owners son. Baileys favourite sport is netball. She plays it, loves it, and breathes it! She tries to go to all the Professional Series games with her mum and sometimes her friends too.. Bailey plays for Sunnyhills Netball Club. Bailey also got invited to join a Netball Talent Academy for Howick and Pakuranga Netball.  Her favourite player in netball is Silver Fern Bailey Mes. In 2017 When Bailey was 10 she won her very first netball trophy. It was the Coaches Choice Trophy. Bailey plays summer and winter netball and is coached by Renaye and Kasia. The netball prizegiving was funnily enough in Baileys school hall, at Sunnyhills! When Bailey received this trophy she was more prouder then she ever had been before. She hopes that she can continue to improve and play netball in the future - her dream is to be a Silver Fern and play netball for her country, NZ

← Renaye, Bailey and Kasia at netball prizegiving

By:Bailey Holmes.♡♡♡

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Our Autobiographies

An autobiography is an account of a person's life written by that person.

 It makes me wonder if the best moments that have ever happened in your entire life, will someday be the stories you took the time to write down.

Leora Isaac

Leora was born on the 13th of June 2007. Leora was Born in India Chennai. Leora lived in India for about two months. Then she moved to South Africa for three  years. When she was three and a half she moved to New Zealand Auckland.

Leora has a mother, father and a twin sister. Leora’s mother’s name is rosily Sunil. She is a teacher who teaches international students english in Ntec in the Auckland city. Leora’s father’s name is Sunil Isaac. He is a banker who works at ASB which stands for Auckland Saving Bank.

Leora  use to go to Arahoe School. Leora moved to Sunnyhills School when she was nine and a half years old. Her very best friend is Dominique Wiper. They both love art and they are both very creative.

On their last passion project for the year it was based on inventing. Dominique and Leora invented a board game called Game of Fun.
Leora does well in school and sometimes finds it hard to do maths but gives it the best shot, no matter what!

Leora’s favourite things to do is Art. She loves painting and drawing. She likes to invent stuff that can be recycled.  

When Leora grows up she wants to be a cake artist with Dominique her best friend.

Saturday, 11 November 2017

Inventor Biographies - work in progress!

We have been learning about inventors and inventions. In writing we chose to focus on how to write a biography, first we had to all learn what one was. We have read biographies and taken notes from ones written about a famous inventor. Next we used those notes to construct our own biography about our chosen inventor. We have focused on how to structure a biography in time order of the inventor's life and the use of paragraphs to link our facts. We have edited, partner edited and had a conference with the teacher. Lastly we are publishing our biographies onto a class slide so we can print it and have our own published book about famous inventors. This is a work in progress, I have added the slide now so you can keep an eye on how our class can work together using our devices to create a collaborative piece of work.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Welcome to the Dragon's Den

This term we have been learning about inventors and inventions, what better way to celebrate this learning than making it authentic, lets invent!  The children have been learning about how to make a pitch, and being an inventor.  We followed the inquiry process to question, seek answers and create a possible solution to a problem.  Once we have presented we are reflecting on our learning and considering how we may have done things differently if given the chance again.  Once again I have been blown away with where the children can take their own learning.   I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Diwalli Celebrations - Thanks Monika

Monika read us a story that taught us all about Diwali

We used powder and a rangoli stencil to make the patterns on this table, Monika added a candle to the centre of their design

We used dyed rice and coloured powder to make rangoli patterns on our tables