Sunday, 20 August 2017

Joshua's Teach the Teacher - Origami Spinning Top

Joshua set up a live video to demonstrate how to fold an origami spinning top.  The live video onto our big T.V. really helped us to see and understand all the folds, this spinning top was made up of three parts and lots of complicated folding!

Andrew's Teach the Teacher - Supercharging Paper Planes

Andrew showed us a new technique for making paper planes, we all folded our own and then took them outside to see whose plane would fly the longest distance.  We tested them three times, Andrew's technique was one of the best!

Leora's Teach the Teacher - The Alphabet Game

Leora taught our class how to play the Alphabet game, we will add this to our class games we play!  Everyone had to go around in a circle and name something using the letter Leora told us, it was harder than you think!

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Jessica taught us some 5 minute crafts

Jessica showed us hoe to make a loom band ball, a great way to use up spare loom bands

Everyone got to make their own piece of coloured Blu Tack, this was very simple and a great idea!

Cathy taught us how to make white bread! Our class smells like a delicious bakery!

This is a breadmaker, it kneads and cooks the bread

YOu need to add yeast to bread, this is what makes it rise

Cathy's list of ingredients

In the breadmaker and ready to go!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Rippa Rugby

Cooper taught our class how to play Rippa Rugby for his Teach the Teacher activity.  He organised our class into 4 teams and we go to play against each other.  Cooper was the Referee, he had to make some tough calls.  We all had lots of fun and loved having a run around!

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

mBots - we had some very excited users of the mbot kits

Our class get to timetable 45 minute blocks where they can write code to operate the mBots, they can then test the mBots on the track and then make changes.

Finlay from Room 3 visited and took us for a training session, we got to see the mBot dance!