Monday, 3 April 2017

Amber's Teach the Teacher Reported by Cathy

Amber’s Teach the Teacher

On Monday morning Amber presented her teach the teacher. It was about playdough. ( She said it was very expensive to buy playdough and it is way easier to just make it instead and you should have all the ingredients in your kitchen already and you can make it non-toxic. )

First she poured salt and flour into a container. Amber said the flour makes the playdough not sticky like normal dough. She added vegetable oil. She slowly added water and mixed it with the salt, vegetable oil and flour and stirred it together. It started to look like dough! She had nearly finished the playdough! Amber poked the playdough with the back of a paintbrush and added pink food colouring to make the playdough pink. She used her hands to squash the playdough to mix the food colouring.

But then she suddenly announced that she failed. But in my opinion I think she did very well as she knew what she did wrong so she must have practiced a lot! I think she will do very well the next time she does teach the teacher and I wish her the best of luck for next time as I am sure she will make her next attempt flawless!

By Cathy

Amber pouring all the ingredients in.                                   Amber mixing all the ingredients together.20170403_115248.jpg

The finished product.

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