Monday, 3 April 2017

Shreyas' Teach the Teacher Reported on by Amber

Shreyas’s Teach The Teacher
On Monday the 3rd of April 2017, Shreyas presented his magnificent science experiment to the whole class.


His science experiment involved using blue food colouring, dishwashing liquid, warm water (boiling water kills yeast), yeast (started dissolving in warm water) and the most important ingredient; Hydrogen Peroxide.

Shreyas poured the Hydrogen Peroxide in first, then the warm water after the food colouring, next the dishwashing liquid. Last but not least yeast.  


It was very entertaining watching the reaction of the ingredients. Especially when the Hydrogen Peroxide reacted to the yeast. When it happened, it was like an erupting volcano!20170403_111937.jpg

Written by Amber
Edited by Room 7

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