Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Amber's ANZAC Diary

31st July 1914

Dear Diary,

My name is James Mcshepard Lukewarm. I am at World War One, according to rumors it is the war to end all wars. I am excited but also afraid. My brother Alex has luckily came to war as well so we can keep each other company. The trenches aren’t that bad, at least not as bad as what I've heard, sure it's a bit muddy and malodorous but nothing else really, living in it is a sinch, it is only early days. Anyway I don't know much about the war. It's only been a few days since we've got here. The commander is calling us so I have to go.

11th October 1914

Dear Diary,

Today I went through my first battle and I didn't like it at all, I always hated seeing people die and I always will. Also my brother, he died in that battle, suddenly water welled up in my eyes, a tear dripped slowly down my cheek like a raindrop in slow motion, leaking down the sky, on a thundering night. My brother died because of me, how he saved me from being stabbed by the enemy, why was I just standing there recklessly, why didn't I dodge or do something, suddenly anger powered over James, not pity anymore.  He clinched his hands into a fist and started to violently punch the dirt that surrounded him, he took a deep breath. Starting to get calmer, II will have to deal with things like this happening, I must not lose temper, only idiots do that!
Yesterday the commander taught us how to use those outrageous artillery weapons, they were quite big and scary looking, so I don't think I want to use It. My mates said it could kill many people in one shot and I have never ever killed anyone in my life.

25th December 1914

Dear Diary,

It's Christmas Day but unfortunately the only present I'll get is sadness. Oh ya forget about what I said that the trenches isn't a bad place, I was only in the first few days of war and I didn't mean it, the trenches stink and most of the people here caught trench foot but I didn't since I always wore my boots that I made with extra thick socks.

25th April 1915

Dear Diary

We are heading to the Gallipolis for a sneak attack this is going to be good, the commander said after this we are free to go home, I am so excited to see my mum and dad. We arrived at our destination but something was bugging me, wait why is this place so rocky and worst of all our enemies have the high ground advantage on the hills. I turned to look at the commander, probably overwhelmed with both disappointment and fear. I went to speak to him but he ignored me, then he said with a strong and dramatic voice “attack”. We all ran up the hill screaming, but the Gallipolis shot us. One by one, like cats chasing mice except there were no holes in walls to hide in.  Suddenly a bullet shot through me, my mind went blank, my heart stopped beating and there in the sun I lay as still as a sculpture and as silent as a piece of dust falling lifeless to the ground.  

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