Monday, 29 May 2017

Cooper's ANZAC Diary

Dear Diary

April 26 1915

It is freezing,brutal and tough. I am on the western front of Gallipoli  fighting to stay alive. The trenches are absolutely atrocious  with rats, flies and other bugs nibbling off our scraps. It reeks of poo and wee in the trenches. Hearing gunshots and artillery hitting sandbags at the top of the trenches and also hearing men yelling and screaming and running for their lives as the enemy is closing in on our top secret location it  gives me shivers up my spine.

April 30 1915

My Best mate Jack just went to “no man’s land” but I think he must have gotten ambushed by the enemies. I am devastated that I may have lost Jack. I haven’t seen my family in ages and days are getting longer and longer and they are just getting more boringer.  April 31 1915. It is thrilling to hear that the General and Commander have come to the decision to find my best mate Jack. Myself and 10 other soldiers are off to locate wherever Jack could be. It feels like we have been searching for almost eternity, my heart is racing thinking about if Jack is alive or not. We have officially located Jack.

May 2 1915

We have just been camping outside the enemies base for the last few days thinking of ways how we could retrieve Jack. I think I had the guts to go and save my best friend. We were spotted and they were coming after us like bees to a honey pot, we dodged a few bullets back there.

May 4 1915

I have just received freshly baked ANZAC biscuits  and  a handwritten letter from my wife and kids.   May 8 1915 My mate has officially died on May 5 1915 and I am horrified that there is a possibility that I could be next?

By Cooper

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