Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Xzavier's ANZAC Diary

March 14 1917

Dear Diary,  

As I'm writing this letter as I’m trying to sleep in the trenches. All of the gun fire is keeping me 
awake. The captain has ordered the group to march to 'no man’s land' I was shocked, like a bullet piercing  through my heart. 

December 25 1917

Dear Diary,
I’’m fighting in the trenches in “no man’s land”. I was having a turn on the flamethrower until...I  got shot on my leg. I got shot again in the other leg,
I fainted, I could hear all of the gun fire. I wake up I was glad I was still

July 13  1918

Dear Diary,

I’ve got trench foot and I’ve only got ten cans of food left.  I hope the war ends soon, it going to end all wars.  All of my friends have died from the Gallipo army at least I killed that guy!

November 19 1918

Dear Diary,              

I'm coming back home to England, I can't wait to see my wife Lesa, she is as beautiful as a flower growing to make the grass shine. I’m getting shipped.

November 20 1918

Dear Diary,               

I got home my wife Lesa had a baby called Jack.  By Joe.

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