Monday, 6 November 2017

Welcome to the Dragon's Den

This term we have been learning about inventors and inventions, what better way to celebrate this learning than making it authentic, lets invent!  The children have been learning about how to make a pitch, and being an inventor.  We followed the inquiry process to question, seek answers and create a possible solution to a problem.  Once we have presented we are reflecting on our learning and considering how we may have done things differently if given the chance again.  Once again I have been blown away with where the children can take their own learning.   I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!


  1. Wow! some very cool ideas from young inventors of this new generation, loved to see their healthy n yum donuts, berry & chocolatey smoothie, problem solving fishing kit and of course hands free Umbrella holdr :) keep up the good work, bright inventors! Great idea to ignite their ideas, Mrs.Fowler. I will wait to see more in coming days...

  2. It is great learning, I am so proud of all their fantastic ideas! A hands free umbrella, genius!

  3. Wow you guys all rock! I LOVED the savoury donuts especially the yummy vegetarian ones. Well done to you all!