Sunday, 26 November 2017

Joshua's Autobiography

Joshua - Autobiography

Joshua Lo was born on the 13th of August 2006 in Auckland, New Zealand.

He lives with his Mother called Masumi, Father called Billy and two sisters Jasmine and Alyssa. His Mother is from Japan and his Father was born in Hong Kong and grew up in Singapore.

At the age of 3 Joshua was able to read Japanese picture books. Since then Joshua has loved reading books in both Japanese and English. Joshua also loved puzzles and often played with them at kindergarten, he still loves puzzles now

His hobbies are: solving the Rubik’s cube (Cubing), playing the piano and folding origami. He also has been practising riding his unicycle. He is good at maths (He was recently in mathex a maths competition). He goes to badminton club on Wednesday and piano lessons on Saturday. He also knows html, a programing language.

Joshua’s three main friends are Cathy, Amber and Jesse. Cathy and Amber go to Sunnyhills School with him. Jesse used to be a Sunnyhills School student until year 3 and now he goes to Pigeon Mountain Primary School. (Jesse was also in Mathex). Joshua’s origami buddy is Patrick.

In the future Joshua would like to be a doctor.           

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