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Stephany's Autobiography

Stephany in 2016
Stephany’s Autobiography
Early life
Stephany Peng was born on August 14, 2006, in New Zealand. She spent the first few months of her life, in a house near one tree hill with a kitchen that was very large. Later, when she was only a few months older than 1 year, she traveled to China to visit her relatives. She stayed with her auntie, uncle and cousin for a few months.

Stephany lives with her mum, dad, and her sister, Mandy. Mandy was born in 2002, 4 years before Stephany. Her family had a lot of goldfish, and when Stephany was 8, she and her sister adopted 2 Rabbits, Oreo and Clay. Their bunnies lived for quite few years, before they died of an illness.
Early Schooling
When she went back to New Zealand, she and her family moved to a new house which was a lot closer to the schools she was going to go to. Her parent decided to take her to Pigeon Mountain kindergarten. She liked it there a lot.

Later on
When she was 5 years old, and in new Zealand again, Stephany stared year 0 at Sunnyhills Primary school. There, she met her first friend, Bianca. Bianca was given the job of looking after Stephany, and they became good friends. In year 5, Mr Mac was Stephany’s teacher. She went to year 5 camp. They went to Piha, and then came back to school for a hall sleepover. In year 6, Mrs Fowler was her teacher, and Stephany went to Lakewood lodge. Amber, Cathy, Ryan, Declan C, Gareth, Nathaniel, and Na’eemah were in her camp group. She had a lot of fun there with her friends. That year, she met Bailey, which she became very good friends with.
Stephany at Lakewood Lodge🠟
Kids for Kids Choir🠝
Also, Stephany attended the Kids for Kids 2017 Choir, with Jackie Clarke and Nathan King.

Stephany had many hobbies when she was little. When she was very young, she started gymnastics. After she did that for while, She stopped and started ballet. When she turned 7, she decided that she didn't want to do that anymore, so she stopped. Then, she started drama. She still does dama, every Friday. When she grows up, Stephany wants to be a part time teacher. In 2017, she started swimming, and went to Interschool for her school at Lloyd Elsmore.

Stephany’s favorite memories with her family was in 2017, when they went to Paihia and the Bay of Islands. She liked it because the Hotel they stayed at had Rabbits and bunnies running around in the grass. They also went on the Hole in the Rock cruise.
Hole in the rock cruise🠝                Stephany at the Giant Sand Dunes🠝

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