Sunday, 26 November 2017

Me'a's Autobiography

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The Autobiography About                 

Early Life                                                                                               
It all started for Me’a on the 12th of July 2007 she lived with  her Mum, Dad  and her little brother Jacob  and Shane’s parents in a two story house.

In year three Me’a played netball with Mrs Morris at her before school practice with her cousin Bailey she kept playing until she got to year five where she tried out for the interschool netball team and so did her other friends Bailey and Jess they all made it into the B team and played against different schools.

Later on Me’a signed up to be a peer mediator, wet day monitor and a School leader. She got in for two and shortlisted for school leader and had to do a speech in front of the senior school. Me’a had to go first she was so nervous but the speech only had to be a minute so she wasn’t as nervous. A few days later all the people that did the speech were called to the staff room to find out who was going to become a school leader… she made it in, she was so happy.


On the 25th of January it was Me’a’s first day of being a year six she just found out she got into the best class ( room 7 ) with the best teacher Mrs Fowler. Me’a loved Room 7 she had a new friend named Stephany she was very creative and amazing at drawing and was always there for some to help, she a tried her best at everything she did . Me’a also meet two year fives named Shavaun and Rebekah they were very nice and helpful.

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