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Amber's Autobiography

Amber Ho - Autobiography

Amber Ho was born on July 18th, 2006. She was born in  Auckland hospital  in Auckland, New Zealand. Her mother is called Amy and father is called Alvin. When she was three she went to kindergarten in China for half a year then in New Zealand She went to kindergarten at Kindercare.  This started her first step of learning. When she was five she went to Sunnyhills School, unlike other kids first days crying that their parents are leaving she didn’t.  She met Fiona and Patrick and Joshua in year zero and had a very nice teacher.

When she turned the young age of six her parents decided to go to China school to educate her for two years. School in China compared to the school here was completely different. The the school Amber went to have a school uniform but students could chose to wear it or not. The school starts at eight am. and ends at eight pm. the classrooms all have a tight schedule allowing only ten minute breaks after forty five minutes of class. There were exams there as well, one exam and one test exam which includes English Chinese and Mathematics and marks out of one hundred.  There she had good times and bad times but she really didn’t make any friends and wanted to leave as soon as possible.  She also went to many places in China and had exciting experiences.

When she was back in New Zealand in year three she found it hard to speak to anyone so she sat all alone on the benches but she found another girl and she spoke Chinese so they played together but she sadly left at the end of the year.

But in year four she met another friend and also learned how to speak fluent english. In year five she met two new friends Cathy and Phoebe and also the old friend from before Joshua. In year six she still remained friends with Cathy and Joshua but Phoebe went to year seven where Amber will be next year.

She is currently still a year six and nearly a year seven.

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