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Cathy's Autobiography

Cathy’s Autobiograph

Cathy Lee Kang was born on December the 31, 2006, near Middlemore hospital. She is a left-handed person. The doctor said she should have been born on January 2007 but the doctor was wrong so that night it was very hectic. Her father was the boss of a company called Trusty Painting Ltd. Her mother was called May and he has an older brother called Kerry. Currently her hobbies are reading, playing with animals and she is learning to play the piano.

At a young age, she moved to a house in Glen Innes. There she started her education at Montessori Kindergarten.  At the age of five she went to Saint Heliers School. Her first teacher was called Kathy Preston! She got awarded an Award of Excellence in her first term in March and left school at the end of April to live in Pakuranga where she started going to Sunnyhills School. When she was year 3 she met Joshua Lo,Jesse Zhang and Phoebe Yang. They started chatting together. Jessie moved school a year later but Joshua, Phoebe and Cathy remained as friends in year 4. In 2016, she met Amber Ho and they became good friends. In year six Cathy went to Lakewood Lodge for a school camp. She enjoyed going on the flying fox!

Cathy has a long history to do with pets. She had five goldfish but sadly they all died in 2012 because of a fin disease. In 2016 she got 2 chickens named Torchick and Fluffy. (Kerry and Cathy named them.) It was a wonderful moment when the Kang household discovered eggs in the chicken’s pen 2 months later! Today the Kang family has unlimited free-range eggs. They are planning to get a Golden Labrador puppy.

Cathy’s Chickens.

In 2017, Cathy signed up for a performance called the Gang show. She went to a rehearsal every Sunday for 6 hours and performed 10 times on stage! There were about 80 people in the cast.
The opening in the Gang Show.

Cathy has quite a bit of luck in her. She has won 2 spot prizes in her lifetime.(11 years so far!) In 2017, after she had done a presentation on luck, she walked home from school and found a four-leafed clover!
The first four-leafed clover Cathy found.

Today, her main goal in life is to go to intermediate and get a scholarship to a good college and try to get more scholarships for university so she can get a good job. She is looking forward to start intermediate!

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