Sunday, 26 November 2017

Thomas' Autobiography

Thomas Fogden

Thomas Fogden was born on 29/6/07 growing up as an only child. He lived in three different houses. He lives most of his life with his mother because of his parents getting a divorce when he was six, he now lives  one week with his father and another with his mother. He has no siblings.

Thomas’ hobbies consist of: gaming, airsofting, nerfing, and paintballing. He doesn’t play any sports but is interested in soccer and hockey. The video games he enjoys are: fortnite, TF2, Rust, payday, medieval engineers, space engineers, goat simulator, and scrap mechanic. He owns 4 devices that are: asus republic of gamers 1080p graphics card and intel hard drive, an acer chromebook, an Xbox 1, and an Xbox 360.

Thomas’ mother Debbie Sirett, works in Carpet land and his father Andrew Fogden, owns and created Fogdog beer batter. His cousins are Phoebe Sirett, Courtney Carter, and Harry Carter.  He has a step mother Ayesha Singh and a step father Mat Bowman. He also has a cat Stumpy and two dogs Blot and Rum.

↑Fogdog logo

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↑openside with harry to the far left
↑Carpetland logo

When Thomas was three; he went to Whiteacres Kindergarten where he met his first, and best, friend, Isala, there was also an autistic kid that would bite everyone. After he turned five he went to Sunnyhills School with his current gang of friends; Ashton, Isala, Ari, Andrew, Washington and Matthew. In two years time he will be going to Farm Cove Intermediate and next Pakuranga College.

Thomas’ dream job is to Work at NASA or a sewing company.

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