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Shavaun's Autobiography

The History Of Shavaun Harvey

Shavaun Harvey is a young drag racer and a gymnast.

Young age pre-schooler

Miss Shavaun Grace Harvey was  born on the Fourth of February 2008 being the first child wasn’t easy for the parents. But of course they were expecting it. Shavaun’s first christmas was a hit!  The year went fast and by her first birthday her whole family came in for her first birthday party it was a pink princess party. In 2012 her little bro Carlos Rodney Harvey was born. Which made even harder for the parents: Mrs Natalie Harvey & Mr Rodney Harvey.


Mr Rod Harvey was a Famous drag racer in his rayglass toyota celica. By the time she was five she was sent off to Sunnyhills primary school her first year was awesome, because she made friends fast and her teacher was awesome. At end of year 1 she was selected to go in Mrs Turner’s class but out of nowhere she fell pregnant and she left when the baby was ready the Baby was revealed the name was Baby… Jake. That left all of them with Miss Kate Ramsey. By the time she was 7 she was in a junior dragster.

In year three shavaun had the lovely Mrs Morris along with her bestie Bex her real name was … Miss Rebekah Jade Armstrong. It was during  year  three  she was gifted the junior dragster which was her life. When she did her first race meeting she was in a banana car such as a plan dark yellow car. Her first run was slow and it ended in the 20 sec which is so slow.

In year four she had Mr Tucker with her bestie Bex and she was bought a brand new race car from New York in America what a awesome year that was. She was selected to go in the maths group with Mrs Madden.
Year 5

2017 was awesome because she had the best teacher ever Mrs Fowler that’s what they called her. The year was successful and near the end she got to bring her junior dragster in to school and she was pulled out because she got selected to be a year six school leader for 2018.

The end   

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