Saturday, 11 November 2017

Inventor Biographies - work in progress!

We have been learning about inventors and inventions. In writing we chose to focus on how to write a biography, first we had to all learn what one was. We have read biographies and taken notes from ones written about a famous inventor. Next we used those notes to construct our own biography about our chosen inventor. We have focused on how to structure a biography in time order of the inventor's life and the use of paragraphs to link our facts. We have edited, partner edited and had a conference with the teacher. Lastly we are publishing our biographies onto a class slide so we can print it and have our own published book about famous inventors. This is a work in progress, I have added the slide now so you can keep an eye on how our class can work together using our devices to create a collaborative piece of work.


  1. Congratulations Room 7, what a wonderful piece of collaborative work you have achieved. We really have talented people throughout history creating amazing inventions. I can't wait to see your future inventions Room 7, I bet you will be highlighted in a slide show or two in the future.

    From Mrs Madden :-)

    1. Thanks Mrs Madden, we are proud of how it is all coming together!

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  3. Well done Room 7 - these are very interesting!

  4. Nice work room 7. Very interesting to see all these Biography's of famous inventors. Keep up the good work.