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Cooper's Autobiography

Cooper’s Autobiography

On the 16 March, 2007 Cooper was in the world.  As a toddler he was a bit of a trouble maker. He never went to sleep, a always making a massive mess for his parents, Careen (Mum) and Jason (Dad). He was a very curious little boy.  Every week on a Wednesday his Nana would take him for a walk around, St Heliers. Cooper’s, Nana was always a bit naughty giving him an ice cream to lick on the way back coming back to the house when his parents had specifically Coopers nana not to give him and lollies or Ice cream at all . Cooper would always cry on his Wednesday naps as the lawnmower man came to mow the lawns.

At the age of two Cooper had found a passion for rugby he loved it, every night begging and asking his Dad to come out and teach him some skills and how to play.  At the age of  four Cooper was playing Rippa Rugby down at College Rifles Rugby club every Friday night. The first few weeks of Playing rippa Cooper was sort of away with the ferries  standing at the back and not really getting involved. It wasn't until he got his first touch of the ball in about his sixth week and then  he was like dynamite looking for the ball scoring a heap of try’s.

On the 20th August 2010 Cooper had a brother Aston. Cooper would cry every night as his Mum wasn't there on his side to kiss him goodnight. Then on the 26 August 2010 his Dad picked up from daycare and said there is a surprise for you when you get home. He kept on guessing different things but none of them was the correct answer. He got home and he had a massive smile on his face when he walked through the front door as his Mum was sitting on the couch with his new  baby brother.

Cooper  went to Natural Steps Daycare and really enjoyed it except nap time, as his friends, Karston and Spencer got to go and play and he didn't, in the end Cooper got to go out and play with his friends as the teachers had enough.  Later on in 2010, Cooper and his family moved from St heliers to Sunnyhills. When Cooper's family  started renovating in early 2011, Cooper loved to help, but he was getting to be a bit of pain getting up to good no good and getting in the way, in the end he got a shovel in the eyebrow as his dad didn't see him in the garden right behind him. The 2011 rugby was in NZ and Cooper was sharing news every week the all blacks played . When the quarterfinals of the world cup Cooper wished that he could go but little did he know that his parents had surprised him and got him and his Dad tickets to the All Black, Argentina game. He came back home chanting  “All blacks, All blacks, All blacks”.

Cooper had soon turned five and at to leave Natural Steps Daycare , He went to Sunnyhills Primary School and loved every day of school with two of his two best buddies, Cooper S and Brayden.  Every Wednesday he used to go to athletics and cried every time he was about to race as he couldn't see his parents .

In 2015, Cooper won a competition to go and have a kids people's press conference down in Christchurch to interview  Dan Carter, Jerome Kaino and Nepo Laulala. His favourite part of the interview was where he asked Nepo Laulala who would you prefer Kate Upton or Taylor Swift, Nepo replied, Taylor Upton. Nepo sat there and looked surprised while Dan Carter and Jerome Kaino were laughing there heads off. After the interview had taken place air nz put on a very nice lunch and Cooper and his Dad got to sit down with the All Blacks and have a chat to them.

Cooper had turned 10 and was in his final year of primary school. He had the time of his life with some of his best mates, Ethan and Gareth, they were always having a laugh but always getting there work done at the same time. Ethan was going to Farm Cove intermediate and Gareth was going to Bucklands Beach Intermediate and Cooper was going to Sacred Heart Intermediate. Cooper, Gareth and Ethan were very sad to leave each other.  

Cooper went over to Sydney , Australia in 2017 to go and play rep rugby, he had the
most amazing time. He stayed at the Ymca in Sydney in between games. Coopers  team played 3 games over in Australia they won all 3 of them. On the night of when the games were played his team would stay at the oppositions houses. On Cooper's last day in Sydney they went to the Taronga Zoo before they departed. Cooper and his team performed a Haka at the airport before they jumped on the plane and there Club song. Cooper arrived back in NZ at 1:30 am. he was so excited to see his Mum and Dad waiting at the arrivals to come and collect him. Before he left the airport he asked his Mum if he could have a cheeseburger she said  to him  “do you really want a cheeseburger at this time of the morning?”  he said  “Yup”.

Cooper admires Dan Carter and wants to become and All Black and play First - Five - eight;  which is Dan Caters position. Every night Cooper is in his backyard practising his kicking and ball skills,  so maybe one day it might pay off so he could become an All Black.

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