Sunday, 26 November 2017

Mia's Autobiography


Mia is a bright, happy and creative nine year old who loves playing video games and spending time with her family. She has a passion for golf, cricket, fnaf, crash bandicoot, dance, guitar , swimming and homework. Born on the 25th January 2008, Auckland New Zealand.  

When Mia was about four years old she loved running around and loved going on long walks. She also liked sneaking chocolate chips at night into her room and eating them. One time she put them under her pillow and fell asleep and in the morning when Mia’s mum came to make her bed she found them under the pillow. Also when Mia was four she discovered that she was color blind.

Then Mia turned five she had a big birthday party and her nanny’s house and there was a huge water slide that she use to go down. Then came the frustrating part of her birthday, saying a big speech in front of everyone at her birthday party and there were a lot of people.S he was so pint-sized at the time Mia had to stand on a huge chair. When Mia had done her big mission of saying my speech Mia tried to sit down on my seat as fast as she could but then her Uncle lifted Mia back up, Mia’s Uncle was saying all this stuff about how amazing my speech was.

After that Mia started school she always use to love this thing they used to do in class when the teacher would spray some shaving foam onto the table and we use to spread it out onto the table and write letters in it so that was our handwriting in the junior school. Then came year teo and guess what in year two  Mia still loved handwriting but she also liked maths and reading. When Mia was in year three she started guitar and she enjoyed it she also started dance at expression dance. She did jazz in her dance club.

Now when Mia was three she met Josh. They could not really communicate at the age of three but they still got along. When they were in kindy together they would always play and we always use to climb the same tree everyday and always get stuck in it. The reason we did that everyday was because they were very shy and did not really like anyone else. Then came school Mia and Josh were glad to to find out that they were in school together. Mia and Josh has been in the same class every year except year four. Right now they are in yea rfive. They like to do the same things and they have a sleepover every Friday but sometimes they can't because one of them might need to do something.

Now more about Mia’s family. Mia has four brothers and sisters; Harper, Faith, Asly and Trent. There is my mum and dad
(Aaron and Hazel). My baby sister Harper is the youngest and the cutest one in my family.
        Mia’s Family

Mia loves going on bike rides and likes going to the beach with her dad. She does not really see her dad really much because he is working a lot. Mia and her dad sometimes come to Sunnyhills and practise some cricket in the weekends.Mia also dose boxing at her grandpa's boxing club. Mia’s dad is really good at maths so he teaches her pythagoras on his days off. She is spanish, maori , German and Irish.

This is the conclusion to Mia’s autobiography an exciting future is ahead of her.

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